NURSH BUNDLE™ Bottles & Accessories Starter Set Keep baby happy and easily fed with Boon’s NURSH bundle featuring their new silicone bottle and some of their best feeding accessories. This starter set includes five NURSH® bottles, a revolutionary design that features a silicone pouch that collapses as your little one drinks. NURSH® Silicone Pouch refills, great for on the go feedings. FORB®, a soap dispensing silicone bottle brush assists in bottle and nipple cleaning.


Why is the NURSH bottle nipple shaped like that?

This amazing design features optimal nipple length to help facilitate proper tongue positioning while drinking and a gradual transition from nipple to wide-neck base for perfect latching every time.

How do I know which flow rate is right for baby?

This is an art. Baby is the best one to tell you when to change to the next stage. If your baby seems satisfied and only dribbles milk minimally, the flow rate is likely correct. If your baby dribbles large amounts of milk out of his/her mouth, the flow rate is too fast. If your baby cries and seems frustrated with the flow rate, it’s too slow. Generally, babies ages 0-3 months enjoy Stage 1, babies 3-6 months enjoy Stage 2, and babies 6 months and up enjoy Stage 3.

How do I measure milk with NURSH?

Use the numbers on NURSH’s outer shell and the lines on the silicone pouch to determine liquid volume. There are both milliliter and ounces on the shell to help all humans everywhere.

What do the different numbers on the NURSH bottle nipples indicate?

The numbers indicate the flow rate. Choose the slowest flow rate that comfortably feeds your baby. A smaller number = a lower flow rate.

Why is the NURSH nipple collapsing during feeding?

Sometimes too much pressure can build up in NURSH during feeding. Give it a little burp by untwisting the collar and twisting it back on. Good to go.

Why is the NURSH bottle pouch collapsing during feeding?

This is how NURSH works. Isn’t it wonderful? When the bottle is gone and you untwist the collar, the pouch will relax back into its resting state.

I can’t see the numbers on the NURSH pouch to measure.

NURSH has lines that go all the way around the silicone pouch indicating the volume of liquid. The numbers listed on the hard shell indicate the quantity.

What do the lines on the NURSH silicone pouch mean?

The lines on the pouch correlate to the measurement numbers on the shell.

What are all these parts on the NURSH bottle called?

Nipple. Collar. Pouch. Shell. Cap.

Can I buy replacement parts for the NURSH bottle?

Yes, replacement nipples and pouches are both available.

Does the NURSH bottle come in different colors?

It is kind of like Trolls… so many colors!!! Mix and match to your heart’s content.

Is it okay to warm up milk in the microwave?

Microwave, yikes! We do not recommend putting our bottle in the microwave. We recommend using a bottle warmer. Give Boon’s ORB bottle warmer a try.

Which warmers are compatible with NURSH bottle?

We recommend using ORB to warm your NURSH bottles… Obvi. When warming 4 ounce bottles, remove the collar and nipple and use the lift-out basket for warming. Since silicone is a natural insulator, warming temperatures may be longer than with standard plastic bottles. To prevent injury, always shake bottle well, and test temperature of contents before giving bottle to your child.

What is the difference between this and Comotomo?

Unlike Comotomo, the NURSH system has reusable silicone drop-in pouches. This revolutionary bottle design features a silicone pouch that collapses as your little one drinks, without allowing gas-inducing air back in. There are no complicated valves and vents. Also, unlike Comotomo, the only thing your milk comes in contact with is 100% silicone.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 37 × 9 cm



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