comotomo-logoIt was back in 2008. With the world changing at the speed of light, and smartphones quickly becoming the emblem of the Millennials, Comotomo were baffled to see that “things” for babies remained ever so status quo. So they decided to challenge the convention and set out to make a change!
VALUES: When designing something, it can be tempting to make compromises. Whether that be using cheaper material, having a lazy design, or by simply copying whatever works. None of these tactics will ever be meaningful. These types of products just float around in the abyss of the “Good Enoughs”. So Comotomo adopted a mantra. Whatever they make, it has to be “Better than Good”. That means no cutting corners and always delivering the very best.
COMMITMENT: Their mantra extends above and beyond product development. Though they are not perfect, Comotomo is a company where you can count on being treated right.