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Gift Registry

By creating your gift list on Paper Planes, you can benefit from the advice and assistance of a dedicated consultant, available by phone or by email. 

Already created a gift list? View and make as many changes as you want to it.


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How It Works ?

Create Your List

  1. Sign in or log in to  your account to create your list.
  2. Go to gift registry in my account page.
  3. Create your gift registry profile.
  4. Add products online.
  5. Make sure you select the quantity required for each products.

Share Your List

  1. Share your gift registry link via social media or by email.
  2. Check your gift registry from My Account Page to see the products purchased.
  3. Edit , update or delete your products based on requirements.

How Delivery Works?

  1. Friends and family can select their delivery during checkout or pick up by hand.
  2. Include the shipping address in your gift registry when you share your items if you want items to sent to you.
  3. Choose your packaging during checkout.
  4. Contact us directly if you prefer to deliver all items together as gift bundle.

Paper Planes Gift Card

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