Medela Calma With Breastmilk Bottle 150ml

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  • FLOW CONTROL VALVE: Medela Calma With Breastmilk Bottle 150ml has flow control valve allows the baby to control milk flow. Milk only flows when the baby creates a vacuum.
  • NATURAL FEEDING BEHAVIOUR: Baby can drink, pause and breathe in a natural rhythm, remaining calm and settled
  • VENTED NIPPLE TO AVOID GASSINESS: Calma teats help the baby to avoid swallowing air during the feed, as they are regulated by a unique venting system
  • One size or shape nipple for all stages of breast milk feeding, Compatible with all Medela breast milk bottles
  • INCLUDES: 1) all-stage nipple, (1) 5 oz/150 ml bottle, (1) cap, (2) lids Authentic Medela spare parts are engineered, tested and approved to work specifically with your Medela breast pump.
  • LOVED BY MOMS, RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS: The world’s leading brand in breastfeeding research, Medela has worked with researchers in breast milk for over 60 years, and is the #1 choice for hospitals and healthcare professionals around the world. Our multi-award winning breast pumps and accessories are used and loved by moms in over 100 countries

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Medela Calma With Breastmilk Bottle 150ml

Switching from bottle back to breast has never been easier. Medela Calma With Breastmilk Bottle was developed using evidence-based research on babies’ natural feeding behavior so you can enjoy your breastfeeding bond longer.

With Calma, the milk will only flow if your baby works to create a vacuum to remove the milk. This enables the feeding behavior learned at the breast to be used with Calma.

Calma mimics babies’ natural feeding behavior, so baby can feed, pause and breathe, similar to breastfeeding. The vented nipple is designed to help avoid gassiness.

Calma doesn’t drip: You can turn Medela Calma With Breastmilk Bottle 150ml upside down and it still won’t drip. Your baby needs to apply a certain level of vacuum in order to get milk out
Made without BPA: All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are not made with BPA

Calma is an innovative feeding solution created for breastfed babies. It is designed to not interfere with breastfeeding, to let your baby feed the way they learned at the breast.

The Calma method allows baby to drink, pause and breathe in a natural rhythm, remaining calm and settled. It allows baby to create a vacuum to start the milk flow, just like he/she does while breastfeeding.

Also, it lets the baby continue its natural way of sucking, allowing an easy transition from breast to Calma and back to breast again.

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medela-and-paper-planes-dubaiMedela is a renowned brand known for its exceptional breastfeeding products and solutions. With a wide range of breast pumps, nursing bras, and accessories, Medela provides reliable and comfortable options for nursing mothers. Experience the quality and innovation that Medela brings to breastfeeding, ensuring a seamless and positive breastfeeding journey for both mother and baby.

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