Tiger Tribe Explorer Microscope Set

Get children exploring the miniature world around them with Explorer Microscope Set!

The Tiger Tribe Explorer Microscope Set comes with a beautifully illustrated Guided Field Journal, containing instructions, practice tasks, inspiring specimen ideas and loads of pages to record data and draw observations for children.

Designed to spark curiosity and encourage observation — junior scientists will discover specimens everywhere, including leaves and flowers, printed documents, food, skin and hair and different fibres and fabrics.

Great for solo play or an engaging activity with friends and siblings, Tiger Tribe Explorer Microscope Set helps children making maths and science relevant to things they experience everyday. At the same time, integrating the Arts with activities that encourage creativity, intuition and imagination.

The robust handheld microscope is super portable and specially designed for outside use in the field. Simple to operate, it comes with two magnifications (20x and 60x) and a battery-powered LED light to illuminate specimens.

Simply position the ‘field of view’ over a selected object, adjust the focus dial to sharpen the image.

Each Tiger Tribe Explorer Microscope Set includes:

1 x portable optical microscope with LED light
1 x drawstring storage pouch
1 x HB pencil
1 x Explorer Field Journal (spiral bound, 36 pages)

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 6 cm

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