Mars Explorer By Remote Controlled GeoMagnetic Vehicles with STEM Focused Magnetic Construction Set

Tracks ready! Motor on! Lights on! Build your Mars Explorer, use the remote control and GO!

GeoSmart Mars Explorer is the ultimate in dynamic magnetic construction. This 51-piece set includes lights, track wheels, motor and a remote control. can build all kids of creations and make them go!

The innovation of Mars Explorer begins at the core of its pieces with a new, patented double safety system. GeoSmart recognizes that safety is the most important consideration for parents purchasing a magnetic construction toy, and GEOSMART was conceived and designed with ultimate safety in mind. The excellence of this design is evident in each piece, with bright colors and powerful magnets. GEOSMART structures feel strong and sturdy.

Mars Explorer offers extensive play value by enabling kids to build all kinds of moving vehicles, with lights that add the thrill of moving these vehicles in the dark. GEOSMART is the future of geomagnetic play.

An ideal stem magnetic construction set, GEOSMART enables fun learning at home and in the classroom. Featuring bright colors, strong magnetic pieces and a patented double safety system, GEOSMART offers unsurpassed safety and durability for endless creative play.

Shipping Weight 0.7 kg
Shipping Dimensions 38 × 38 × 7.1 cm




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