Get ready to be on your best behavior! The Luma Star Jar is a perfect visual aid for your child to encourage everything from daily chores, positive discipline, potty training, homework, meal times… the list is endless! Being good has never been this fun!

We bet that getting to drop another star in the Star Jar will get any chore magically done in effortless double-time. A mom’s parenting hack that works so well, you’ll have other mama’s wondering how you do it!

Yes the short-term goal is to get a star in the Jar, and the parenting job is done, but the long-term goal is to develop good behavior, positive discipline, and habits within your child, that will last well into their adulthood.

Here’s how you can make the most of your Star Jar…

Setting Goals: Each child progresses differently so it’s important to set realistic and achievable goals that will boost their confidence and self-esteem. The goals you set will vary depending on the age or emotional maturity of your child but there are a few factors to keep in mind when setting goals.

  1. Set your focus on one goal at a time, or track one behavior at a time. This makes it easier for the child to develop a healthy pattern and be able to see their own growth. It also makes it more achievable and realistic.
  2. The Star Jar can reinforce desirable behavior and discourage negative behavior. However, failure is part of the growth experience… If a child has been unsuccessful at achieving their goal it’s important they know that it’s okay to make mistakes. Accepting imperfection and being able to bounce back quicker, creates strength and resilience toward minor set-backs.
  3. Consistency is key! If kids find a way around the responsibility or learning, that will likely not result in any forward progress and could become a habit when dealing with future accountability. We know they can pull on your heartstrings, but as a parent, you are still in control no matter how much your little one wants to get away with wearing the pants.

Goal Ideas: Children are visual learners, and besides having a fun and colorful Star Jar, there’s an extra layer of personalization we’ve added to make the journey even more special. Customizing the Jar with the child’s name or specific goal gives the child a sense of proud ownership and is likely to add that extra motivation. Setting goals is the fun part so try these:

For toddlers you can choose from the following goals:

  • Potty training
  • Finishing meals, especially healthy food
  • Getting dressed independently
  • Bedtime routines

For pre-schoolers:

  • Finishing chores
  • Completing remote learning assignments
  • Learning goals such as improved vocabulary or math
  • Demonstrating manners
  • Getting along with other children & sharing
  • Daily reading

The list is endless!

Rewards: Star Jar is Full… Now What? The kids are looking at you with beaming eyes wondering what Mom’s got up her sleeve, and she’s clean out of rewards ideas. Here’s what to keep in mind for rewarding your child after a full Star Jar, because such good behavior simply has to come with a worthwhile treat.

  1. Don’t choose a reward they can get anyway, otherwise, the Star Jar won’t hold its weight as a special exercise.
  2. Get creative and exceed expectations. Making the reward personal to what the child loves and enjoys also shows that it’s THEIR treat for THEIR good behavior, and a positive connection between behavior and reward will be made.
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