Luma Arabic Shapes & Colors Flash Cards

Twenty beautifully illustrated shapes & colors flash cards to help your little learner discover the world around them, one word at a time. The cards come in a reusable cotton drawstring bag so you can enjoy them at home or on-the-go!

As your children grow, their learning needs evolve and your teaching methods have to adapt! Here’s how Luma Flash Cards can guide you through the various stages of your parenting journey, and let’s have fun while we’re at it!


How many times did you repeat the words mama and baba until finally your little one uttered their first word? Infants learn the best with repetition, and if they’re already learning simple words from hearing you speak, imagine how quickly they will learn a whole set of words using beautifully illustrated Flash Cards to help them.

It’s never too early to start, so use repetition and emphasis along with the cards to help your infant identify words as they start to find their little voice. Infants also start to experiment visually with colours and shapes. As their world expands, they can start identifying objects and matching them to the words you’re saying.

Integrate the Flash Cards into their daily routine – you’ll be amazed at how quickly they learn!


Toddlers and their attention span right?! Well, we know just how you can get them to stay calm, listen and learn, even though that sounds like the sheer impossible.

Use the beautifully illustrated Luma Flash Cards and incorporate them by combining learning with play time. Find toys and challenge your toddler to match them with the cards, or orchestrate a scavenger hunt by hiding cards around the room, for each correct pronunciation of the word on the card, they get a clue to the next, until they find the last card leading to a hidden treat!

They’ll definitely want to play again next time, there’s no getting bored with these little ones. These ways of playing will assist with your child’s memory, and over time, evolve into them becoming critical thinkers and problem solvers.


Any cracks in the consistency with pre-schoolers and they can be the ones taking you for a ride around the bend! Homework, chores, and a little more responsibility is a natural part of their growth, which can be at times overwhelming but very rewarding for the child’s self-esteem. Albeit they’ll be trying anything to get out of it.

At a pre-school level, your children are now developing their language and writing abilities which can introduce a level of stress and pressure. You can help by making learning fun and pro-active with the beautifully illustrated Luma Flash Cards.

Have your child spell the letters out loud verbally, or have them write out the words of the picture they see on the Flash Cards… Then reveal the word to see if they got it right, and implement a rewards system that will make it fun and worthwhile for the learning child such as extra TV time, extra playtime with friends, or a special outdoor activity. With pre-schoolers, consistency is key so stick to a good practice routine at reasonable hours when their minds are sharp and they have the extra energy.


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Luma – A Brighter Way To Play. Luma is a modern children’s brand on a mission to “LUMA”-nate your world, one product at a time. Luma is founded by two Emirati mamas and focused on creating bilingual (English and Arabic) development and lifestyle products for children. They’re two sisters with a dream of creating the BEST experiences for their children and yours. That’s why they created Luma.

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