Linea MammaBaby Baby Sweet Almond Oil Cosmos Natural – 500ml

Cuddle time becomes magic thanks to Guendalina, the nice and tireless striped ball adventures companion of Margherita and Giacomino.
Baby Sweet Almond Oil helps parents make daily cleansing a fairytale game for their children.

Recommended by A.I.M.I. (Associazione Italiana per il Massaggio Infantile, I.A.I.M. Italian Chapter).

How to Use:
For baby cleansing: pour a few drops of products on a gauze or a cotton roundel and gently cleanse the baby’s skin paying careful attention to the cleansing of skin folds.
For baby massage: after the bath, pour some drops of products on the palm of your hand to warm the oil to body temperature; apply it on wet skin and massage with gentle circular movements.
To soften the scalp: pour a few drops of the product on a gauze or cotton pad, ideal for dabbing the milky crust of newborns precisely because of its moisturizing properties.
For dry skin treatment :add some drops of products to bath water or massage the whole body applying some drops of oil on wet skin right after the bath or shower.
Pregnancy: the moisturizing action of the fatty acids extracted from sweet almonds helps prevent rising of stretch marks during and after pregnancy.
Elasticity: massage with Baby Sweet Almond Oil prevents stretch marks, even during periods of rapid weight loss or gain

COSMOS NATURAL certified sweet almond oil obtained by cold pressed sweet almonds without the addition of any chimical elements, with 100% Italian organic sweet almond oil.

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm

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Linea MammaBaby

Linea MammaBaby, a brand of Olcelli Farmaceutici, is a line of detergent-cosmetic products specifically designed for children and perfect for adults. It is a love project born from the passionate need to offer the highest quality products to children and families, in harmony with the environment. The Linea MammaBaby’s products’ formula is the result of a precise and proper formulation philosophy: the goal is achieving the best by selecting the best natural ingredients, chosen according to the purpose of each product.  

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