DockATot Grand Pod Brer Rabbit

The charming Brer Rabbit design from 1882 was named after a children’s book which was popular at the time. Ideal for creating rooms with a calm atmosphere with its soft sea pink colourway, the pattern depicts large scrolling leaves and symmetrical oak trees alongside stylized rabbits and garden birds.

The DockATot® Grand dock is our stage 2 lounging dock, 50% longer and wider, for tots age 9 months to 36+ months. The Grand size is an essential go-to spot for tots lounging around the house or when traveling. The built-in, air permeable side on the  Grand dock gives little ones a familiar sense of security. For older tots, the  Grand dock will help ease a child into their new setting when they are otherwise ready to sleep in a toddler bed.  It provides a comforting and safe environment. Made in Europe. Features include air permeability and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certification (testing for harmful substances).

Additional covers are available for purchase to match your mood, room and style.


  • Designed and tested for durability to help withstand curious babies (16 CFR 1500)
  • All docks are air permeable (British Standard 4578)
  • Pad and tube are tested for firmness (BS 4578, ASTM D3574)
  • Meets or exceeds children’s product general safety regulations (US CPSIA 2008)
  • World-leading testing for harmful substances (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I)
  • Additional testing for the presence of harmful phthalates and heavy metals
  • Tested for toxins in packaging to be environmentally-friendly
  • Tested for flammability safety (16 CFR 1632)
  • All docks are tested to stringent UK flammability regulations (British Standard 4578)
  • Tested to more than 10 standards for fabric performance, including seam strength and fabric burst strength
  • Tested to 6 colorfastness tests, including saliva, dry rubbing, and wet rubbing
  • Tested for durability against holes and tears as a result of teething babies.
Weight 25.7 kg
Dimensions 105 × 64 × 19 cm












DockATot products are inspired by the practical needs and the design preferences of modern parents. DockATot look beyond nursery and juvenile design trends to inform the different styles and products we create. DockATot products are made to be used around the house and complement even the choicest home décor styles. We seamlessly merge fashion and function. DockATot products are made in Europe and carefully handled by our small team of artisans, who pride themselves on craftsmanship and quality. Materials sourced for our products have passed the strict Okeo-Tex 100 Standard certification to ensure they are free of any harmful substances. DockATot is fully committed to the safety and comfort of your family will always be DockATot top priority. DockATot believes there’s value in investing in well-designed pieces that will grow with your family. DockATot believes in exquisite craftsmanship and the preservation of traditional bespoke design. DockATot know handmade is irreplaceable and beautiful memories become etched and woven for the next generation.

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