Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

Inspired by Morphy Richard kitchen appliances, every item in this set looks just like the real thing! The refillable coffee maker pours water directly into the coffee pot, which speaking from experience, is oh-so-mesmerizing! The kettle has a water-indicator level to encourage hand-to-eye coordination, and the toaster comes with ‘pop-up’ toast for an added element of anticipation!

  • Just like the real thing – this complete set of Morphy Richards kitchen appliances looks and works just like the real thing!
  • Delicious food on the go – it’s always a good time for an English breakfast! fill up the coffee maker, pop the kettle on and get some toast in the toaster!
  • Great for the imagination – this true-to-life kitchen appliance set allows little ones to partake in grown-up tasks!
Shipping Weight 3 kg
Shipping Dimensions 23 × 17 × 37 cm








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