Beaba stacked formula milk container allows you to place 3 pre-measured portions of milk powder in different compartments.

Beaba Stacked Formula Milk Container  Protects from air and light.

Thanks to its convenient form, it takes up little space in the purse and in the kitchen. Special neck for easy rash. Can be sterilized.

Beaba Stacked Formula Milk Container  is ideal for walking or traveling, if you do not want to mix the mixture in advance.

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 7.8 × 7.8 × 20 cm



Midnight Blue





beaba-baby-feedingBeaba is a renowned brand specializing in innovative baby products and accessories. Their high-quality baby food makers offer a convenient and efficient way to prepare nutritious meals for your little ones. With features like steaming, blending, and reheating, Beaba's versatile appliances have gained popularity among parents searching for time-saving and healthy baby food solutions.

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