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Hi all working moms! How can you find time for yourself?

1. Make chores a family affair.

While it may not be possible to involve your infant in cleaning duties (although baby wraps and baby carriers do work wonders), toddlers are at a magical age where they may view chores as a way of practicing and demonstrating competence. For example, some toddlers love helping to sort laundry and bring it to the correct room.
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2. Adjust your sleep schedule.

How moms can find time for themselves, adjust your sleep schedule
Some kids seem to sense your waking patterns and instinctively rise when you do, but if you can manage it, taking an hour for yourself before your kids get up can be a good way to center yourself. If your children go to bed early in the evening, regularly schedule time for yourself then.

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3. Find time-saving meal strategies.

Meal delivery service for moms
In a perfect world, you’d have a month’s worth of menus plotted out with grocery lists made. But that takes time too, right? The time you don’t have in your busy schedule.
Busting out the slow cooker or instant pot is a quick, easy way to have a hearty dinner ready with minimal prep. You can also try making double batches of meals and build up a freezer stash for those especially hectic days.

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4. Indulge in nature.

Enjoying nature
There’s something about the sights and sounds of nature that inspire renewal and calm. You don’t have to live near the ocean or the mountains to find peace and quiet in your own backyard.
When the weather allows, try to take your kids outside for a while each day — it’ll feel like a refreshing break from everyday life, and it’s good for the heart and mind. Taking a walk, sitting on a park bench, or reading a book outside can be incredibly reviving! If you live in a land of ice and snow in the winter, get a membership at a local botanical garden or zoo so you have a place to push the stroller and soak up the fresh air.

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5. Make a pact with other moms.

How moms can find time for themselves, playdates
Playdates can be stressful affairs. It can be difficult to have conversations when you’re intervening in toy tug-o-wars and keeping an eye on tiny daredevils. So why not try making a pact with a trusted mom friend where you take turns watching one another’s children?

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