milton-logoMilton is celebrating over 70 years of protecting babies from harmful germs. Milton has been used by hospitals and in homes for over 100 years. Milton was named after the poet, John Milton (1608-1674), as Milton was first manufactured in his London home.
The iconic Milton Sterilizing Fluid was first used as a disinfectant during the First World War and was taken to the trenches to treat skin burns.
After First World War, the Milton Fluid continued to be used as a general antiseptic, disinfectant and food preservatives, as well as being used in hospital surgical procedures.
In England during the late 1940s, there was a widespread outbreak of gastroenteritis, which led to the death of 4,500 babies under the age of 1 year. Following a request from the Ministry of Health, on the BBC, to develop a better method of sterilizing baby feeding equipment, Milton pioneered a new approach to sterilizing baby bottles.
The Milton method of cold-water sterilizing was born, and Milton was credited for saving many babies lives over the years.
Milton extended its product offer into hygiene and in 2003 launched an Antibacterial Hand Gel, Antibacterial Surface Spray and Antibacterial Surface Wipes. This range was specifically developed to be used around babies and to provide a safe and clean environment.
Milton has more recently launched the Mini Portable Soother Sterilizer, a totally unique and original method to clean and sterilize soothers on the go. Milton has also extended its product offering to include microwave and cold-water sterilizers such as the Combi and the Solo. Milton is constantly looking at new solutions to protect babies and their families from germs, so that everyone can keep on living the happy life they want.