maska-wraps-logoMASKA’s story started with an inquisitive fascination with the Japanese Furoshiki, a traditional wrapping cloth.
MASKA’s founders adopted and adapted this art to better suit the Middle East by using exquisite fabrics and contemporary design.
By opening its first shop in August 2013 in Jumeirah, Dubai, MASKA was able to establish itself as a brand where clients can find a very different gift wrapping experience.

Transforming gift wrapping to an experience became MASKA’s trademark where it was able to take the “afterthought” of the gifting process and recreate it as an experience in itself.
It has successfully managed to redefine the concept of gift wrapping and has taken it to a whole other level of sophistication.

It carries a carefully curated selection of wrapping accessories, in addition to its signature fabric wraps, allowing it to provide its clients with unique, high-end gift-wrapping solutions.
MASKA believes in the importance of businesses integrating with their social surroundings.

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