britax-romer-logoAt Britax Römer, parents and their children are safe on the road. The company has been fully committed to this goal since it first manufactured safety equipment and accessories for cars in the early 1930s. Since the development of Britax Römer’s first child car seat in 1966, child safety has been their number one priority. For more than 50 years no costs and efforts have been spared to provide even more safety for little ones. Today, Britax Römer develops and manufactures child car seats, pushchairs and bike seats with 90% of their child car seats and bike seats being “Made in Germany” or “Made in Britain”.
With their strong German and British heritage, Britax Römer is committed to manufacturing in Europe. In 2016 they moved to their new custom-built headquarters in Leipheim, Germany. This new facility enables them to produce 90% of their car seats in Germany or Great Britain.