Why Childproofing is Necessary?

Why Childproofing is Necessary?

While it is inevitable that our little ones will bump a head or a leg on a piece of furniture once in a while, we believe it is important to keep the consequence to a minimum; which is why we introduced our latest service of safety device consultation and installation.

Protecting corners of furniture and sharp edges is needed to prevent injury to babies during the formation of coordination when walking. Children of one year old begin to walk actively, while coordination of movements is not yet fully formed. In this period, injuries are possible and while we cannot fully control what happens in the outside world, we can do all that is possible to ensure the safety of our little ones at home.

As parents, we do not recommend parents of babies who are just starting to get up and take the first steps to purchase head protective helmets for use at home. Why?

This period does not last long, toddles quickly learns to stand confidently on their legs and keep their balance. The use of a protective helmet leads to the fact that the child does not go through the natural process of learning safe behavior and can end up in a dangerous situation without protection on his head. Parents should help the child learn to move safely in an upright position, it is necessary to devote time to this. A much longer-term protection will be to create a safe space around the child. Inspect carefully all corners of the room where the baby is. The sharp corners of the furniture, which the baby can hit, outstretched electrical cords for which the baby can trip over pose a real threat to a growing child.

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