Twenty double-sided baby contrast cards to stimulate your little one’s cognitive and visual development. The cards come in a reusable drawstring bag so you can enjoy them at home or on-the-go!

These Baby Contrast Cards are the best sensory experience for little explorers, discovering their new environment. Perfect for a mama-to-be or a new mom!

Contrast cards are bold black and white illustrations with contrasting patterns or images, also called infant stimulation cards, and are easy for your newborn to focus on. This encourages and develops their vision, focus, and attention.

These are great during tummy time! Put your baby on your thighs belly down and gently rub their back. You can lift one of your legs so it is higher than the other, so she can see a little more when trying to lift her head. Show a high contrast card in her line of vision, about 20-30cm away from them, and slowly move it upward to see if their head moves up or down while he/she gazes at the cards in awe. It’s amazing how long they will stare at them as they discover the magic of their eyesight.

Until about the fifth month, babies will use their eyes as the primary source for information about the world and how it works. From birth until about 14 weeks old, your baby’s pupils are working hard to coordinate the two eyes, and baby contrast cards will be highly beneficial before you can move on to LUMA Shapes and Colour Flash Cards.

In addition to developing your baby’s vision, focus, and attention, this exercise is also precious bonding time between you and your baby that will last a lifetime.

Shop these for yourself and your newborn, or a mama-to-be as a thoughtful and beautifully packaged baby shower gift!

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Luma – A Brighter Way To Play. Luma is a modern children’s brand on a mission to “LUMA”-nate your world, one product at a time. Luma is founded by two Emirati mamas and focused on creating bilingual (English and Arabic) development and lifestyle products for children. They’re two sisters with a dream of creating the BEST experiences for their children and yours. That’s why they created Luma.

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