Nursery Essentials, Buying Guide & Checklist

Nursery Essentials, Buying Guide & Checklist

When it comes to planning and organizing your baby’s bedroom, we’ll guide you through the essentials of what makes a comfortable and well-prepared nursery. 

During your second trimester, you would want to have an idea of where you will be setting up your baby’s nursery. You may also have a good understanding of the space allowance and how you would like to decorate it. At this stage, a few things you will want to have on your shopping list:

  1. Crib + Mattress
  2. Bassinet or Co-sleeper
  3. Changing table + Changing pad
  4. Rocking chair
  5. Side Table for Mommy’s essentials
  6. Baby Monitor
  7. Breast Pump
  8. Diaper Genie

With the major things and any drilling out of the way, you would be looking at the smaller essentials that complete the room:

  1. Laundry hamper
  2. Crib sheets + Bedding
  3. Washable rug
  4. Humidifier
  5. Different size baskets for storing clothes, toys, creams
  6. Nursing Pillow + Cover
  7. Blanket
  8. Night light

To make sure the nursery is ready for you and your new born’s arrival from the hospital, wash and fold all your little ones clothes and sheets, set up the breast feeding station, keep a basket with phone charger, journal and healthy snacks by the rocking chair.

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