From delivery to boogers, butts and beyond! Frida is the brand that gets parents. That means you. They are not a lifestyle. Far from it. They are a solution-based brand. The 411 of parenting. The who-do-i-call-in-the-middle-of-the-night-cause-my-baby-won’t-stop-screaming brand.
Mom’s everyday toolkit: aka the secret tools you rave about, blog about and share with other parents just like you. Babies are cute. Parenting isn’t always. For all those perfect moments, there’s Instagram. For everything else, Frida baby has got you.
Home of the fan-favorite original Swedish snotsucker, NoseFrida. Born in Sweden, raised in America: great things come from Sweden, including their flagship fussbuster, NoseFrida. Invented by a Swedish pediatric ear, nose, and throat doctor, NoseFrida is now helping parents across America provide smart, safe and hygienic snot-free relief to their stuffed up little ones.

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