Grimm’s Pebbles Moss

This Grimm’s Pebbles Moss set of four balancing pebbles from Grimm’s are fun to build, stack, count and create with. They are round, smooth and tactile and can be used in a wide variety of ways at home, nursery and in the classroom.

Grimm’s Pebbles Moss make colourful wooden counters, a simple wooden stacking toy, tasty potatoes in a toy kitchen or shop, a fab maths toy for learning to count with and an unusual set of wooden building blocks.

Grimm’s Pebbles Moss is a lovely open-ended toy that’s made from sustainable, solid wood and offers a multitude of play options – making it a high quality toy that will appeal to Montessori fans and Waldorf Steiner educators.

Grimm’s Pebbles Moss solid wood eco toy is ideal for home educators, schools, nurseries and for enjoying at home. Available in other colours – mix them up for a rainbow pebble collection.

Combine with a blue silk scarf and the Grimm’s Waves to make a flowing river through a toy farm, or stack with the Earth set

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 7 cm








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Grimms-ShopGrimm's offers beautifully crafted wooden toys that inspire creativity and imaginative play. Explore their wide selection of Waldorf-inspired toys, including building blocks, puzzles, and rainbow stackers, to ignite your child's imagination and promote holistic development.

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