MODU Dreamer Kit

Build more than 12 unique life-size creations with the biggest MODU starter kit — all of which you can ride, rock, roll, jump, climb and balance! The play begins in the building process and continues through years of active play.

Sustainable toys with long life cycles that stay fun & relevant for years. That’s MODU. Made from tough, non-toxic EVA foam that is free from BPA and phthalates, MODU is the responsible choice for both your child & the planet.

All physical skills into one box of thrills

MODU comes in kits with building blocks in tactile foam, connector pegs & wheels — all designed to trigger the physical activity & imagination of kids. MODU encourages & supports every stage of development.


  1. Which kit should I choose? All kits are suitable for boys and girls aged 0 – 6. MODU is designed to offer a lot of possibilities with just a few blocks. For young children, our small kits might be enough. That being said; bigger kits = more blocks = more possibilities! If you have more than one child, we recommend getting a bigger kit and an extra set of wheels so you can build more rides. Generally, more elements are often fun when your kids’ grow older and develop their construction skills. Remember, MODU is an eco-system. You can always add more elements to your kit, or mix and match your own creations.
  2. How much weight can MODU take? Can adults use it? The blocks can be used by adults to some extent, but be careful putting too much stress on the wheels and pegs. We recommend using the blocks only. They are great yoga/training blocks!
  3. My baby is teething; what do I do about bite marks? Generally, it is recommended to keep an eye on the play when your kids are young — especially during peak teething-periods. The pegs are great fun for babies on their own! If your kid makes a “unique stamp” in a block, try pouring boiling water carefully over the marks. Though deep marks cannot be fully removed, this technique should reduce their visibility.


Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 20 cm




Made in





Blue, Yellow, Red



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