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The Candide Feeding Armband Jersey armband offers more comfort and support while breastfeeding thanks to its ergonomic shape and soft and stretchy jersey material.

This Candide breastfeeding cuff is easy to use as it is suitable for all body types and designed to fit the baby’s head. Thanks to its compact shape, it is easy to transport.

As advised by the French National Institution for Prevention and Health Education (INPES), it is important to sit comfortably and to avoid painful support positions.
For a stable support at a correct height, it is strongly recommended to use a cushion.
In order to provide a solution for this issue, Candide has developed the feeding arm-cushion.
Its ergonomic shape facilitates meals (either by breast feeding or bottle feeding) by providing better comfort and support under the elbow of the mother.
-Designed to hug the shape of the baby’s head
– Easy to use by the mother as well as relatives
– Compact shape, easy to carry
– Easy to put on, fits all body types
– Flexible and comfortable thanks to its wadding
– Soft and stretchy thanks to the jersey fabric

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 26 × 15 × 23 cm
Made in












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