Owlet-logoOWLET FOUNDED 2013 co-founders begin work on in-home infant pulse oximeter. Company moves to NYC to participate in Techstars.
2015 first beta units created we successfully miniaturize pulse oximeters. Technology passes clinical accuracy tests, first product ships we start distributing smart sock units to users. 15 billion heart beats monitored in the first few months. Stories begin pouring in parents report better sleep and more peace of mind, thanks to the smart sock.
2016 first foundation started we offer to match donations and work to make monitors more widely available. Clinical team kicks off study in conjunction with a health insurance provider to see if costs can be reduced with in-home monitoring. “BEST STARTUP OF CES” AWARD.
2017 1 Billion Heart Beats In A Single Night Are Tracked By Users. Owlet Launches Internationally, Connected Care Launches
2018 Owlet hosts 10 Foundations at Our First Foundation Summit, Owlet Wins Three Best Baby Monitor Awards, Owlet Launches Cam, Owlet Tracks 1 Trillion Baby Heart Beats.
2019 – Owlet Announces New Pregnancy Technology In Development Owlet Wins 3 INNOVATION AWARDS AT CES