koko-cardboards-logoKOKO CARDBOARDS is eco-friendly design: DIY kits, toys, and furniture. All made out of cardboard. They would like to determine children and parents for a common, active, and valuable time together.

Their philosophy of a happy childhood is connected with back to the roots idea when the time was more unplugged, and less was more. They believe that their products will let your kids see in a piece of cardboard the enchanted, magical world, full of possibilities! That is a good start for the future, right?

All their products are made in Poland. They combine traditional hand-made manufacture with the usage of very modern, specialized machines. They select materials for their products very carefully as they want them to be at the same time useful, beautiful, safe, and friendly for the planet. As their company’s mission is to care for the environment, most of their materials comes from recycling.

They believe that every parental decision that they make, has a huge influence on our society and our everyday life. Be responsible. Respect our planet. Choose products that do not adversely affect the environment. Choose them and have great fun!